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Terrorists target the billionaire class in a series of symbolic executions.

"It's always sunny above the clouds"

Cake Town is built on stilts. The inhabitants have perfect lives...

"Dark Side of the Earth" 

On a planet that does not spin, the people of Day 

venture out to discover the people of Night.

"Man of Constant Leisure"

A man lives alone in a hotel room in Dubai. Alone, that is, but for his mother...

"The International Lottery"

There is an economic crisis so the world decides to hold an international lottery to raise funds. But which country willl win the big prize?

"The Invention of Sex"

Academics are shocked by a new discovery...

"Leith Harbour"

On a whaling outpost in the Antarctic, three whalers make an illegal distillery in their bunkroom.

"The astronomer who went to the stars"

An amateur astronomer builds a spaceship in his back garden.

"The astronaut who died on the moon"

Another look at the man on the moon...

"Sexual Invitation"

Could this be a sexual invitation?

"The story of the billionaire who launched his cock and balls into an asteroid belt"

See title for summary...

Very Short

"Gavrilo Princip"

An account of the assassination which triggered the First World War.


Tech whizz-kid invents a VR substitute for real life.

"Naval Victory on Lake Nyasa"

A satirical account of the first shots fired in the First World War - between two friends on a lake in Africa.

"The Real Rise of the British Nazi"

An experimental rewriting of history, in factual style (using real names and facts throughout). What if the Germans won the First World War? Would Nazism have risen in Britain instead? I would like to turn this into a fake 'school textbook' with the appropriate layout and pictures, but have not the means at the moment to complete such a project.

"Driving North"

Stuck in traffic on his commute, man decides to just drive north instead.

"Tree Surgeons"

Written at work while watching a tree being cut down outside my window.

"Soldiers Go Home"

Imagine all the soldiers just quit. 

"Cobalt and Kerosene"

An aeroplane flies over the borders between people.

"Good Guys with Guns"

Mind that time they gave all the teachers guns?

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