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Politics, vibes, etc.

"Bowie in Berlin"

While smoking a cigarette in Berlin, I had a vision that Bowie was still with us...

"Who Took Utopia? - Gonzo Review of the Girobabies"

At a flat party in Ibrox, a band starts playing in the front room... The next 24 hours will change my life.

"Blog from on tour with Mickey 9s"

Warning: contains insane rambling

"Straight Outta Govan"

Prizewinner: Ian Bell Award 2018

Teaching rap to a challenging 'all-boys-class' of 'nutters'...

"I am an Imperial Lord"

An epiphany in a Malawian marketplace...

World Travel Journal - available on request

"Second Coffin"

At a funeral in Malawi

"Brexit (and the mass illiteracy, irrationality, and ignorance of us all)"

Short political rant

"Review of The Sentence by Alastair Fruish"

Review of the live performance of Fruish monosyllabic, punctuationless novel about a dystopian prison sentence.

"The Common Hangover: Play the Percentages"

A prescription of tactics to beat your hangover.

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