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Sexual Invitation


Humphrey stepped out of his train and into the city train station. As he walked through the barriers he noticed a woman bending over to pick up a ticket she had dropped. She wore a tight work dress, with black heels and tights. From behind she looked like a sharpened ‘W’. Humphrey wondered if her bending over in such a manner was, in any way, a sexual invitation.


The city shopping streets were filled with mannequins and advertising models. Pouting lips, caressed hair, and curving bodies beckoned from the windowpanes. For Humphrey, their inhuman perfection was a sexual invitation.


In the shop a women looked at herself in the mirror. She held a short skirt in front of her waist. She moved her hips admiring and judging it. Humphrey felt this could be a sexual invitation.


A fashionable, bright-faced student made eye contact with Humphrey for an instant, as he held open the shop-door for her. She was wearing mascara, but no other make-up. Her glance was gone as she moved into the shop among the trim garden of hanging clothes. He wondered as he looked into her flashing eye, if she was offering him a sexual invitation.


On the front page of the newspaper was a picture of a nine year old girl who had been kidnapped. Was this a dark and abominable sexual invitation?


While Humphrey walked down the steps towards the museum toilets, a well-built man, who seemed to be intending to climb the stairs, suddenly turned across the floor and went into the male WC. Humphrey stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked at the door of the men’s room. He wondered if the man’s unpredictable behaviour was a sexual invitation.


Sitting on the public toilet seat, Humphrey waited for the next sexual invitation. His penis was hard in sex anticipation. He couldn’t pee. After ten minutes, there was no further sign from the unpredictable well-built man. Someone had rudely drawn a cock cumming on the wall; next to it, a phone number. This, indeed, must be a sexual invitation!


He called the number in his head in sexual imagination. In the dirty toilet he was fucked by sexual communication. His dark self was abused in sexual retaliation. His flat cock dripped semen in sex infatuation. He left the tissue on the floor in sexual commiseration. He buttoned his jeans, he wanted no more sexual invitation. 

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