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Will We Always Be Happy Go Lucky?

Audiobook - with soundtrack


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A musical novel complete with its own soundtrack...


... about what it is like to be in love for the first time, hear a great song for the first time, take drugs for the first time, be free for the first time, be lost for the first time, to be a fool, to be an embarrassment, to be irresponsible, to dance and read poetry, to be happy-go-lucky never again, and to have your heart broken for the first and worst time. 


Danny Donnelly is 18 and loves ecstasy and being a poor student and being in love with the world. Caroline Aisling is 24 and hates being skint and is out of love with life. They meet at an underground Glasgow rave in 2007 and have a five-day bender and a five-day affair in which they almost fall in love and almost discover the meaning of life, until they spiral and everything remains hidden again. Credulously, Danny curates a playlist of his favourite songs to try and win her back – like a classic album, the five-day novella echoes and follows the rhythm of each of these songs from racing start to crashing finish.


The narrative begins years later, both of them are old and estranged, and they glimpse each other in the supermarket. Danny tells the tale in the form of a memoir to his past self. It finishes with Caroline writing Danny a ‘therapy letter’, which she will never send, telling him that she remembers. 



High Fidelity meets Trainspotting meets Before Sunrise


For musos, giggers, ex-ravers, retired party animals, students, ex-students, men who read poetry in secret, women who are too wise, anyone who has been in love

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